We want to inspire you!

What drives us

We connect new technologies with proven solutions. In the process, we follow a holistic concept with people at its centre.

It is important to us to protect resources and the environment. Therefore, we exclusively invest in climate-friendly technologies.

How we work

Thanks to our industry and technology expertise, our streamlined structure and our distinct hands-on mentality we are able to develop innovative solutions in no time.
We combine ecological responsibility with profitability. Dynamically and quickly, we create sustainable products of the highest quality.

Where we started from

Since 2018 we have been trading as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Klaus Faber AG, one of the leading cable distributors in Europe. It is a name that has symbolised financial strength, the highest level of customer centricity and quality for over 70 years.

We employ the same values when reaching out to new markets. From our headquarters in Saarbrücken, Germany, we design trend-setting products for the international market.

What we are striving for

We are open to new concepts and technologies. Together with our network of leading industry experts and specialists we develop advanced solutions geared towards future needs.

Faber Infrastructure GmbH | Europaallee 33 | 66113 Saarbrücken | Germany