Vehicle fleet

From ambulatory care to insurance and pizza delivery—if you are working in the field you also want to be able to quickly reach your customers and patients in urban areas without getting stuck in traffic jams or desperately searching for parking spaces.

E-scooter fleet management

Our electric scooters are the ideal solution to shorten drive times and reduce stress as well as costs. Per 100 kilometres, faber e-drive incurs just 1 euro of electricity costs.

Faber Mobilitaet Fahrzeugpool 02

Our scooters are agile in traffic and you can park them right on your door step. Compared to cars, they also require less parking space and produce no noise and emissions—a win-win situation for your purse, your image and the environment.

From need analysis to driving safety training

Our fleet management solutions are based on a holistic concept. First, our experts will analyse your needs and design your fleet. Then we will deliver your new electric scooters together with their accessories, including charging posts and helmets, topcases and delivery boxes, if required.

Qualified authorised garages perform repairs and maintenance work across Germany. FABER organises technical service and supplies spare parts. For the German federal state of Saarland we additionally provide a pick-up and delivery service. To ensure a smooth start, we offer general and driving safety trainings.

FABER: For footprint, image and the environment!