Electric scooters

A very comfortable ride, high-performance technology and an attractive design—electric faber e-drive scooters!

Agile and track-stable

Our electric scooters are extremely agile thanks to their small dimensions and very good road position. They accelerate from zero in no time and are track-stable even when driving through curves. Their innovative brake, alarm and immobiliser systems ensure maximum safety.

Faber Mobilitaet E Scooter 02

Always charged up

The removeable lithium-ions batteries can be replaced at any time to quickly and comfortably charge them. As an alternative, you can use the external charging plug to supply the electric scooters with new electricity. In the process, the scooters will not generate any noise or environmental emissions—guaranteeing a positive public image!

At a glance


  • 2-level drive modes (eco/sport)
  • Comfortable charging via external charging plug on the scooter
  • Removeable lithium-ions batteries
  • LCD speedometer display incl. battery charge display, mileage counter
  • Empty weight incl. battery 71kg
  • Keyless-go function
  • Mobile phone charging station with USB port



  • Nominal power 1.200 W
  • Torque 30Nm
  • Speed class up to 45kmph
  • Range 55 km



  • Hydraulic disc brake on front wheel
  • Drum brake on back wheel
  • LED lights
  • Handle lock
  • Alarm system
  • Anti-theft device


Flexible use

  • For field staff of service providers, e.g., insurance companies
  • For sales employees of energy utilities
  • For service workers of grid operators
  • For delivery services of pharmacies, restaurants, laboratories, postal and shipping services
  • For rental customers of scooter businesses and spa administrations, e.g., holiday makers
Faber Mobilitaet E Scooter 03
Reach your destination quickly and stress-free with FABER!

We fulfil our obligation!

As the importer and thus manufacturer of the industrial batteries used in our electric scooter, we are obliged to offer our distributors a reasonable and free return option for used batteries, as our distributors must in turn take back used batteries from consumers free of charge.
Against this background, we have decided to participate in the eMobility industry solution of the GRS Foundation and thus fulfil our obligation to ensure a nationwide take-back and disposal of used batteries.

In accordance with the reporting obligation stipulated in §15 (3) BattG, you can view the current documentation here: GRS Success Control eMobility 2020

Would you like to learn more about the industry solution? Then follow this link: