Faber Solar-Frame®

Attach. Connect. Done.

The mobile solar system for the construction sites of the future


The Faber Solar-Frame® is a mobile solar system for container tops. The systems can be flexibly integrated into existing grid infrastructures. The consumers are directly supplied with solar power. The on-site feed-in control prevents – unless otherwise desired – a feed-back into the power grid.

The compact systems function according to the plug-and-play principle and are immediately ready for operation. No electrical installation or configuration is required.

In order to cover even larger energy requirements, our systems can be interconnected with each other in any number – even afterwards.

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Robust. Sustainable. Plug-and-play.

Faber Solar Frame Benefits
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Easy. Fast. Flexible.

The space-saving design has been developed to meet the requirements of temporary applications such as construction sites or events. The robust design allows an uncomplicated integration into an existing logistics chain.

Up to 16 frames can be transported on one semi-trailer vehicle, while at the same time the modules remain protected by the intelligent design.

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On site, the Faber Solar-Frame® are unloaded directly with a forklift or crane, placed on existing containers and locked at the ISO corners.

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Solar power during the day. Storing for the night.

To ensure maximum self-sufficiency, we offer our customers the FABER battery storage system, which is connected externally to the solar field. In this case, the consumers are supplied during the day preferably on the basis of renewable energies.
Surplus solar power is temporarily stored in the battery storage and made available at a later time – for example at night.

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Green Impact

With only one system, up to 2200 kWh are produced in Germany and 2.2 tons of harmful CO2 are saved each year.
The Faber Solar-Frame® also serves to shade container roofs. This significantly reduces the heat generated in the container and reduces the running time of air conditioning systems.

Application worldwide e.g. on construction sites – Temporary residential or office units (off-grid) and many more

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Individual design

In the choice of colors and the layout of the stickers, we follow the individual wishes of our customers.


  • ISO 20′ mobile solar system
  • From 2,3 kWp solar power
  • Can be coupled with each other
  • Feeding into existing power grid
  • Power connection CEE 32A 400V input/output
  • 8-fold stackable
  • Crane/forklift loadable
  • ISO-Twist-Lock
  • Integrated forklift pockets and crane lugs
  • Individual color design
  • Dimensions: 6060x2440x295 mm
  • Total weight: 950 kg
  • Attachment weight: max. 8t
  • Craneable with CSC container up to max. 8t