Solar container

Our mobile power system is a container-based power supply system combining solar modules, a lithium-ions battery storage and an emergency generator as 24/7 backup in a clever comprehensive solution.

Compact all-in-one container

Faber Infrastructure Solar 1

The solar wings generate environmentally-friendly solar power. Its integrated battery storage can buffer surpluses and ensures that consumers keep on running even in the dark so the backup system would only be needed in emergencies. Afterwards, the solar wings fold away quickly and easily and are stored inside the containers.

Comfortable plug & play concept

The armed forces, mobile rescue teams and construction site operators can set up the solar wings on site with minimal time and work required to commission the solar container. For specific usage requirements in terms of application, we can pre-configure the control system in our factory.

Wide range of uses - Extendable modular system

Our mobile power system can help you set up an independent basic supply using up to 100 percent of solar power. As an alternative to a purely standalone solution, you can also integrate the system with existing supply grids. As the battery storage can accommodate small temporary load requirements, it effectively eliminates and/or reduces the need for running large, costly diesel generators at low revs.

Faber Mobile Power System At Night
FABER Mobile Power System - Range of application

Local supply requirements may change at any time. If needed, you can expand the generation and storage output at any time at a later stage.

From dry desert sand and tropical rain forests to icy-cold polar landscapes—our mobile power system can withstand any environmental influences. It easily combines with various supply structures and load conditions and can be used anywhere in the world thanks to its standardised container concept.

Almost zero maintenance requirements

Our container-based power supply consists of high-quality components Made in Germany, is robust and nearly maintenance-free. Its state-of-the art high-performance electric control system embedded in the container meets the highest standards and guarantees safe and comfortable system operation at any time.

Faber Infrastructure Solar 3

Individual module units such as the 24/7 backup aggregate are compactly mounted on slide-in space frame modules. They are easily accessible for maintenance work, so entire functional units can be quickly and simply replaced.

Sustainable savings potentials

Getting diesel fuel to remote locations and using diesel generators as a power supply is costly and complex. Using our solar containers will reduce complex fuel logistics and noticeably and sustainably cut running costs for maintenance and upkeep.

Qualified customer service

We train and qualify your engineers according to your specific requirements. In addition, we offer you tailored services on request. Customer-specific spare part bundles also ensure that maintenance, upkeep and repair work can take place on site at any time, safely and promptly.

Faber Energie Solarcontainer 10

At a glance

  • Mobile, compact 20-foot container system
  • Quick setup and comfortable handling thanks to plug & play concept
  • Up to 100% cost-effective power supply on the basis of renewable energies
  • 24/7 emergency power function for safe supply and maximum independence
  • Wide range of uses—from setting up an initial basic supply to integrating and optimising existing supply structures
  • Modular system, output can be expanded step by step
  • High standards of technology and quality, Made in Germany
  • Minimum cost and time for operation, maintenance and upkeep
  • Can be transported and deployed all over the world
  • High levels of savings potentials thanks to reduced costs for fuel procurement, maintenance and upkeep
  • Comprehensive technical service and spare parts supply