Mobile energy supply for events

From lighting and sound engineering to air-conditioning: your event’s success may significantly depend on a reliable power supply. Public image is essential. Interest in the environment is rising. Diesel generators will, however, not impress your audience with your sustainability concept.

Show your contribution for the energy revolution!

Our mobile power system is ideal for event managers and technicians to safely and reliably supply even the remotest locations with environmentally-friendly solar power. Your audience will surely remember our innovative solar wings.

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Whether as a standalone solution or integrated with an existing supply grid—your engineers can quickly and comfortably commission our solar battery storage container. Thanks to its powerful system control, it will always guarantee safe power supply at any time.

Small-footprint transport concept

Our standardised and highly compact design as an all-in-a-box system allows you to easily transport our mobile power system with very small space requirements, eliminating the need for logistically more complex assembling solutions consisting of several containers and subsystems. This will reduce your logistics efforts and ensure smooth and quick commissioning of your power supply at your venue.

Pays off quickly

However, the system is not only trendy, mobile and environmentally-friendly, but also economical. Purchasing costs will pay off within two to four years, depending on your use cases.

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Show your contribution for the energy revolution with FABER!