Temporary construction site energy supply

As a site manager you know that you have to stay within rigid schedules and tight budgets. The same applies to power supply. You simply cannot wait for the local electric utility or install costly, elaborate energy generators yourself.

Currently, diesel generators are used for temporary building site power supply far away from the mains infrastructure.
However, the costs for fuel procurement, maintenance and upkeep are immense.
In addition, when running fossil generation systems, you need to ensure compliance with applicable noise protection stipulations and immission guide values.

Stay within schedules and budgets with FABER

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FABER’s mobile power system helps you stay within your schedules and budgets as well as limit values for emissions and noise—because the compact solar power battery storage container will supply your planning offices, machines and lighting with environmentally-friendly solar energy.

Manage base loads, replace fossil generators

Thanks to our plug & play principle you can quickly and comfortably accommodate all base loads. In addition, you can realise larger supply solutions as early as when setting up your construction site.

Another option is to integrate our container system with an existing grid. This allows you to effectively and sustainably reduce operating times and costs of your emergency power units. Short-term output requirements of smaller electricity consumers such as drilling and grinding equipment are then fuelled by the integrated battery storage instead of emergency diesel.

Maximum flexibility

Even when supply requirements change, such as when electric loads and consumption increase, our electricity container offers you maximum operating flexibility because you can expand its solar power and storage output at any time. We are also happy to take over remote maintenance for you so you can fully concentrate on your core business!

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Stay within schedules and budgets with FABER!