Power supply in disaster cases

When natural disasters, wars or terrorist attacks destroy supply infrastructures, people must be shielded as quickly as possible from any further dangers and reliably supplied with energy and drinking water.

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Civil protection normally uses diesel generators for this purpose. Only later is the energy and drinking water supply optimised with efficient systems technology, e.g., by using renewable energies.

FABER: For environmentally-friendly first aid

FABER’s solar container is a cost-effective, emission-free and quiet alternative to diesel generators, one that also simplifies logistics by eliminating the need for complex and sometimes even dangerous fuel procurement.

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The system can help governments and aid organisations set up a reliable and independent power supply on site in no time, consisting of up to 100 percent renewable solar power, as first aid for the affected people.

Installed in seconds

Thanks to its standardised CSC container system, our compact container can be easily and flexibly transported around the globe.

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Its end-to-end plug & play concept also ensures rapid commissioning and extremely straightforward handling so that even critical supply infrastructures such as mobile medical units can be safely and reliably supplied with energy in no time.

Always available

FABER can mass-produce the container and have it available in great numbers. This guarantees fast deliverability even in case of short-term needs.

FABER: For environmentally-friendly first aid!