Our responsibility

We assume responsibility for society, our employees and our partners. People are always at the centre of everything we do.

For society

  • Our innovative technologies are a substantial contribution to the energy and traffic revolution.
  • We replace diesel generators with renewable energies and fuel our scooters with electricity instead of petrol. This helps to protect resources and lower noise and environmental emissions.
  • Our off-grid power supply supports the health, economic growth and education of communities in crisis regions and developing countries. Our electric scooters help to reduce drive times and looking for parking spaces in conurbations.

For our employees

  • Our relationships are based on trust, flat hierarchies and a cooperative working environment.
  • Our workers can maximise their potential because we support each one of them and provide them with customised trainings.
  • Flexible working time models ensure a good work-life balance.
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For our business partners

  • Collaborating with our customers and partners is characterised by trust and loyalty.
  • We are open for individual requirements. Focused on our objective, we develop tailored solutions excelling in high quality and functionality.
  • Because we constantly evolve, we are always ready for new challenges.